crepe paper

crepe paper
crepe paper

A paper with a highly textured surface. This is achieved by repeatedly upsetting the paper in the wet state during manufacture. This gives it an increased elasticity.
Creping can be different.
For specification we give two values, for example: 50g / m² / 70g / m² (the first value is the grammage before creping, the second is the grammage after creping)

In addition to the use for packaging and decoration purposes, crepe paper is also used as electrical insulation.

In its original form, crepe paper is well compostable and recyclable.

We supply crepe paper in the form of rolls and sizes up to a grammage of 280g / m².

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Soda crepe 90/130 gsm; 600x800mm; with VCI coating
Soda crepe 90/130 gsm
VCI coating
600 x 800mm
PU 12.5kg
Sliding scale prices:
1-2 PU with 12.5 kg per 101,15 € (8,09 € per 1 kg)
3-4 PU with 12.5 kg per 91,63 € (7,33 € per 1 kg)
> 4 PU with 12.5 kg per 82,11 € (6,57 € per 1 kg)
101,15 €
8,09 € per 1 kg
incl. 19% tax
PU with 12.5 kg:
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