competence center

You have a problem? - We do not always have the right solution for you.
But we offer help in solving your problems.
Together with our specialists, developers and decision-makers in production, we seek and find the right path for you.
Here we can help you in particular:

1st area raw material
Are not you satisfied with the qualities we offer?
Or do you need special physicochemical properties?
We are able to develop and produce special qualities.
New material combinations always present a challenge, but we gladly accept it.
You can submit a request for new or changed raw material here:

or call us: 0049-3641-5596510

2nd area of ​​packaging solutions
Individual special solutions, in particular the combination of complex moldings with novel material combinations, are always an extraordinary task.
Together with our designers, we work purposefully on concepts and their implementation.
Much can be done with finished systems, e.g. in boxes based on Fefco.

If that is not enough for you, you should contact us quickly:
by phone: 0049-3641-5596510
or via email