Liners and cover carton

Liners and cover carton
Interleaf and cover carton is usually transitional carton, which arises when the paperboard quality or the grammage is changed on the paper machine. This happens during operation. In this case, then falls to material, which is not standard. That's the transition box. Transitional board can have color, surface and grammage fluctuations (usually max +/- 50g / m²), which are not a reason for complaint. For transitional carton is cheaper than standard cardboard. A legal claim of the purchaser regarding a color, surface or grammage quality in transitional carton is excluded.
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Liner; 0,75mm; 1200x800mm; packaging unit 5pcs.
Gray cardboard; Liner
grammage: 500 g/m² (+/- 50 g/m²)
thickness: approx. 0.75mm
format: 800 x 1200 mm (+/- 5 %)
the material shows grammage and color variations
packaging unit 5 pieces
8,18 €
1,64 € per 1piece
incl. 19% tax
PU 5pcs.:
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