PrePregs are preimpregnated materials, which are usually produced in a fabric composite with different resins.
Epoxy and phenolic resins, which remain stable at room temperature, are mostly used.

A special feature of the PrePregs is their leathery, tough surface. Since this is usually somewhat sticky, the different layers of the material are prevented from sticking with a release paper.

Then, when the material is processed by pressing, the resin liquefies for a short time, then can be well deformed and then cured quickly. This makes it possible to produce more complex, bubble-free shapes that are very strong but still lightweight, and have a visually pleasing surface.

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Prepreg GRBE 6902 HF; Roll width: 1540 mm
Prepreg GRBE
6902 HF
1540 mm Roll widthe
Area yield 880 gsm
Sliding scale prices:
1-9 m² per 27,22 € (27,22 € per m²)
10-19 m² per 24,50 € (24,50 € per m²)
> 19 m² per 22,05 € (22,05 € per m²)
27,22 €
27,22 € per m²
plus 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
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