laminate; Triple combination; Polyester non-woven polyester film (PET-F) -Polyestervlies

laminate; Triple combination; Polyester fleece - polyester film (PET-F) - Polyester fleece
triple multi-layer insulating material
temperature resistant up to 130 ° C, insulation class B
3-fold combination consisting of one layer of polyester film (F-PET) and one layer of polyester fleece
high mechanical strength
Exterior layers have very good absorption capacity of impregnating and trickling resins
is easy to punch, cut, shape and coat
smooth surface, therefore easy to machine
Physical forms:
in ribbons: from 4mm width
in formats: 615 x 800mm; 800 x 1230mm
Nominal thickness: 0.15 - 0.45mm
Basis weight: 150 - 555g / m²
Film thickness: 50-350μm
minute elec. Breakdown voltage unfolded: 9 - 26kV

Mylar A® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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